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The Yamassee Indians – who are the Native Individuals?


About the Native Individuals – (Ya’ma-si)

The moment believed extinct, the most influential Native American Country has resurrected! The Yamasee Native Individuals very last noticed in Northern Florida has returned. Being termed one particular of the bloodiest wars of the creek Muskogee people the “Yamasee war of 1715”
The Yamassee Native Individuals are historically prepared into heritage as one particular of the most monumental tribes for the duration of the wars of the 1700’s. Continually fighting with the English & Spanish Colonist, for Independence & betrayal . Mainly recognized for the Yamassee War of 1715 the Yamassee Native Individuals are component of the Muskogee which is a comprise of many tribes that lived on the Mid west to the east coastline.

In accordance to their latest On-line Census files The Yamassee Muskogee Country are comprised, generally of Cherokee, Yamassee Pure Blood (From The South Carolina, Georgia & St. Augustine Region (Gentle’s),Catawba, Choctaw, Comanche ( Texas, Nevada, Arizona), Seminole, Black foot, Shoshone, Iroquois, & Mechica ( Mexican Natives). Predominately all of the tribes that have been beneath the Muskogee Country safety at the time of the treaty as stated in the Treaty of Camp Holmes.
And The Treaty of Savannah & The Indian Land treaty

In accordance to historical Knowledge and Textbooks prepared by A number of European Author’s, the Yamassee have been believed to be extinct, dependent on the war of 1715, the Yamassee ongoing to have conflict with the English , And Spaniards, whom Both of those mis addressed the Yamassee Native Individuals, and tried Slavery. In these wars the Yamassee usually appeared to be capable to recruit other tribes to share in the war. Like the Apalachee tribe, Choctaw, Catawba, Seminole & Additional! Paperwork establish the Yamassee did not just take a shed by them selves, but the a great number of Yamassee bodies believed to be discovered in the struggle area have been that of their fallen Brother who stood beside them to help in the war as heritage shows. Many Resources Establish the mass genocide of the Yamassee to be incorrect.
Re-Looking through heritage publications that make the claim of entire annihilation ,shows it was by no means definite all the Yamassee have been destroyed only Assumed. As in Present working day ” Altamaha Cherokee” Descendants of the Yamassee stilling living in Present Day Georgia & Florida. Who has traced and Confirmed their Blood lineage to the Yamassee. There are also Evidence of Yamassee bloodline however in the St. Augustine, Tallahassee Region, however carrying their Tribal title of “Mild” that claim their ” Yamassee Ancestor y “
In accordance to Author J.H. Howard in a guide title” The Yamasee: A Supposedly Extinct Southeastern Tribe Rediscovered the Yamassee are living exactly where they at this time was very last claimed in heritage publications. This story of annihilation was also perpetuated on a one more tribe the Yamassee Mixed with and fought with. Who also had supposedly experienced the exact fate as the Yamassee, the ” Apalachee Indians” have been also explained to be Extinct ” Apalachee Extinct Estimate”. But on the web exploration shows they are not extinct and have a Operating Govt beneath the steerage of Main Gilmer Bennett.

A substantial blunder of mass genocide and crafting a people off the publications be more than seemed. When latest proof shows the assertion “extinct” is certainly mistaken for the Apalachee Indians, who are by way of heritage Brothers, of the Yamassee and had a substantial range considerably less of tribal users than the Yamassee. 

Rapidly forward to right now, there are many teams that claim the Yamassee title, & though we as natives are all related, one particular can disseminate the reality from the wrong with correct exploration of details & historical documentation.  The Yamassee Muskogee Country of Florida has established to the planet that they are the present day manifestation of the legitimate Ya’ma-si (Mild) bloodline.

Our legacy was by no means shed, only taken out of the heritage publications.

Now Federally Acknowledged

The Yamassee Muskogee Country is Federally Acknowledged by “Circumstance Legislation” In California, in instances pertaining to Youngster Welfare instances, involving Yamassee Muskogee Native young children. To have a Courtroom of Capable jurisdiction and all the young children being wards of the Country. The Yamassee outlined according to Treaty rights, their sovereign status as a Acknowledged country beneath the Muskogee stock and Natives to the Land just before European Colonization and according to the Treaty of Camp Holmes, the treaty of 1707 Yamasee Indian Land Treaty, “Treaty of Savannah 1733” Signed by Tomochichi of the Yamacraw Yamasee. Also they Yamasee are aside of the Coweta Resolution. Note: The Treaty of Camp Holmes is one particular the only handful of treaties of Peace & friendship, which also includes the Mechica ( Mexican) Natives that are get together to the treaty. The Yamassee a short while ago filed a Intention to Petition, but has a short while ago rescinded that Petition, simply because they are Now recognized by Lestilature (Circumstance Legislation) and Treaties. They only want the land they The moment had, to be remaining by yourself to finish what they began by their ancestors. The Yamassee perpetuates entire autonomy, from the govt and Utilizes the UN Declaration of Indigenous Individuals.

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